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Master of Science in biomimicry to address a changing world

Registrations  are open until october the 30th, for January 21 next start-
Come and get information on Produrable and biomilm Show fair

Next admissions jurys

30th of  september, apply before septembrer the 23rd

4th of november, apply before the 30th of october


Come and visit us in Produrable show fair, 7th and 8th of september, Paris

Why applying to this program?

MS Nature Inspired Design students will be involved in designing innovative bio-inspired / bio-based solutions in order to face contemporary issues ; reinventing their own professional practice by using Nature as an inspiration, material or process. Highly motivated, openminded and fascinated by Nature professionals from all around the world, this course is meant for you.


Learning objectives

Demonstrate advanced nature inspired design knowledge and skills in :

  • Biomimicry and bio-inspiration
  • Design project management
  • Design tools
  • Ecodesign practices
  • Emerging technologies
  • Green technologies
  • Circular economy
  • Innovation and jugaad
  • Sustainability
  • Ethics and law


Please note, due to the conditions imposed by the current context, our services cannot receive payment of registration fees by check. We invite you to use exclusively bank transfer, indicating your name and the name of the MS for which you are applying.

Partners of Biomim Expo

L'Ensci-Formation Continue , with the MSC NID were present and partner on the international exhibiltion and fair Biomim Expo, ont the 22nd of october 2019 at La Vilette and will come back for more in october 2021

more informations les actualités


What is Biomim Expo?

This day is the « rendez-vous » that brings together public, private actors and stakeholders around biomimicry. It also addresses itself to a varied public, not only experts, but interested in biomimicry and nature reconnection.
At the Cité des sciences we will have the capability of offering forum/showroom spaces, so that « biomimicry doers » can show who they are and what they do.
1500 sq meters of exhibition and a 900 seats amphiteater ! Enjoy !

With the support of CEEBIOS / Centre européen d’excellence en biomimétisme

"The CEEBIOS enthusiastically welcomes the initiative of this master dedicated to bioinspired design proposed by ENSCi-LES Ateliers.This is an unprecedented opportunity to offer, finally, a degree program on the French territory. (...)
The work of structuring and federating French actors around the approach initiated by CEEBIOS, demonstrate the urgency of mobilizing higher education to train in these new concepts. The numerous companies already engaged in bioinspired innovation are in expectation of transdisciplinary profiles and are starting phases of recruitment of trainees and employees to help them clear the ground on its complex subjects. (...)
Given the societal and environmental challenges that the design professions will have to integrate to support the necessary transition, to look at the achievements of life and its opportunities for responsible innovation becomes inevitable.

We are therefore convinced that, in addition to meeting a real demand, both for the learners and for the job market, this training is a very good step forward.

The CEEBIOS therefore fully supports this initiative and actively wishes to contribute to it. "

Kalina Raskin,
Head of Ceebios


With the support of World Design Organization

"In a world in perpetual evolution, while climate, societal and technological issues challenge the solutions currently provided by organizations, private and public, WDO supports any initiative contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
I know that the MSc "Nature Inspired Design" is one of them.It will help to change design paradigms for designers and engineers, by taking inspiration from what is ingenious, virtuous in nature, respectful of ecosystems, and in a spirit of benefit shared by all.
(... )I am supportive of this program and will make it known to support student projects and internships, to give lectures, and many other forms of collaboration within the WDO community.
I am convinced that this Master of Science will help train future designers sought by companies in the years to follow."

Gilles Rougon, Treasurer and board member



Could you enlighten me on the professional aspect of the master?

The master will be taught by professionals and research professors, in link and support with labs and companies


What would be the stage internship / partnerships over the 18 months?

-6 months of theory and projects on the basis of one week per month

-6 months of internship, with two days per month at school for debriefing and coaching

-6 months of projects in industrial partnership on the basis of one week per month also

-Presentation of thesis before professional and academic jury

Is it possible to propose an internship for the 2nd period and a project for the 3rd period in partnership with the same company?

It is quite possible to do the internship in his company

During the partnership phase, it is possible if your employer is willing to partner with the school and propose a topic that will be worked in a group.


Does the program offer to put in contact with companies and structures for the research of internship?

- Companies have solicited us and we will share this information and proposals, but the responsibility for the research internship or contract of professionalisation remains that of the student.


Do you have any additional information on job openings after the master's degree?

-We aim: CSR project leader, sustainable development, sustainable innovation manager, and we can also practice as a consultant .

-According to the Usbek & Rica magazine: Maybe, in the near future, we will all be required to pass an "environmental certificate" see the article



What is the deadline for submitting applications and are there other recruitment steps?

-The recruitment is in progress. The sooner the file is filed, the better to guarantee its place and prepare its financing, internship or professionalization contract.
-The second and final stage of recruitment is the interview, by visual or skype with the educational leaders of the master.


The recruitment period is in progress; when do you hope to finish it? When will you be able to return to the postulants?

-We receive the files, we examine them in the pedagogical committee, we summon the candidates for an interview with the pedagogical managers, and we give answer on the admission in the week which follows.


Can the price of training go up or down? Do you know when it will be fixed?

-We are finalizing the price. It should remain stable.
We are studying the feasibility of an immersion trip, but on the French natural territories whose biodiversity is rich, which should not be a problem for the budget.

Do you know about grant / award opportunities?

-For foreign students: Campus France Excellence Scholarships

-For French students, we must look at the foundations, or look for a company for a professionalization contract



Educational leaders

Guillian Graves

industrial designer and a biodesigner

Simon d'Hénin

Designer and instructor at ENSCI-Les Ateliers


- Engineers, designers, architects, scientists, project managers and entrepreneurs

- Required level : Bachelor, M1, or Licence + professional experience


Language of instruction is English

Next session

January 2021

Starts on the 6th of january

Inugural Conference on the 7th of January


18 months, block release training:

-6 months courses: one week training per month

-6 months internship

-6 months team project with industrial partnership: one week per month, hands on training


-549 hours in classroom

-749 hours internship

Total of 1298 hours


ENSCI-Les Ateliers (French National Institute for Advanced Studies in Industrial Design)

48 rue Saint Sabin, 75011 Paris, France


For individuals, very small sized enterprise, associations: 14 500  euros net
For companies: 18 000 euros net

Unemployed: 12 000 euros net


Make it easier to come and study to France and contact Campus art:


Anthony Pierlot

in charge of development