[Design Research] Design, a business case

What is design management ?

While some things change gradually and almost inconspicuously over time, other things change abruptly and

often and with big waves, uncertainty and disbelief following in its wake. Design belongs to both categories.

On one hand its role has changed gradually, responding to the continuous changes in economics and society

at large. As only a few examples, the raise of service industries gradually brought about the concept of

service design, as did austerity in the public sector. The raise of the digital economy brought with it UX

design and interaction design, and the quest for new mechanisms to deal with increased complexity across

sectors paved the way for the rise of design thinking.


Nous remercions les auteurs:

Brigitte Borja de Mozota – bbm@designence.com
Steinar Valade-Amland – sa@three-point-zero.com


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#2 Why design management now ?

#3 The most imminent challenges of management

#4 What happens when design excellence is added to strategy ?

#5 Design Management Excellence

#6 From design excellence to design as core competency

#7 Epilogue & a story from real life




Brigitte Borja de Mozota Director -founder of Designence™, a Think Tank in Creative intelligence for managers and design managers (France).
Expert in business transformation (creative culture, UX,managerial practices in innovation, sustainable brand design) through Design Thinking (DT), Design ROI "designence model".

Experienced speaker at international conferences and professor on Design management worldwide Masters in Design Innovation and Management and in business schools ESSEC, ARTEM, DMI. Politecnico de Monterey.

Steinar Valade-Amland, Head of Strategy & Business Development, author, keynote speaker and H2020 evaluator