design for change


For the longest time, education has believed that children are the future, that ‘ONE day’ they will grow up and make the world a better place. And in waiting for that ‘One day’, education has deferred the promise that it made to its children to help them become creative, proactive, empathetic and responsible citizens. This resulted in children graduating with the ‘I CAN’T’ mindset.


Design For Change has been conducting continuous studies to reaffirm the impact of the FIDS approach on the holistic development of children. DFC along with The Good Project, a research initiative under Project Zero at Harvard GraduateSchool of Education, conducted a research to study the impact of DFC on developing empathy and problem solving.

Research conducted by The GoodWork Project has reaffirmed the impact of the FIDS approach on the development of skills like collaboration, creative thinking and empathy.