Nature-Inspired Design (N.I.D)


Par le design


Master of Science in biomimicry to address a changing world



- Engineers, designers, architects, scientists, project managers and entrepreneurs

- Required level : Bachelor, M1, or Licence + professional experience


Language of instruction is English

Opening time

January 2020


18 months, block release training:
- one week training per month
- internship
- partnerships, hands on training


ENSCI-Les Ateliers (French National Institute for Advanced Studies in Industrial Design)

48 rue Saint Sabin, 75011 Paris, France


for individuals : 12 000 euros net
for companies : 18 000 euros net
Extra cost for a 10 days immersive learning expedition :
5 000 euros net
Price may be subject to change



Geneviève Sengissen,
Head of continuing education

Nature efficiently manages / processes / optimizes / transforms / builds / manufactures matter, energy or information at different levels - micro, macro and ecosystem scale - thanks to efficient mechanisms, strategies and behaviours. In this train of thought, Nature could prove to be an inspiring and powerful model of inventiveness as well as a mature technology we could use to build more sustainable and desirable futures.

To do so, modern knowledge in life science associated to new / emerging techniques, technologies and practices will help students address contemporary issues in such fields as environment, materials, energy, health, habitat, consumer products, etc. through design and biology. The aim of the MS Nature Inspired Design is to give students deep knowledge, efficient tools and innovative methodologies to explore and to use multiscale Nature’s incredible principles / mechanisms / strategies in their own practice. Through an immersive learning, hands on and practical 18 month training, including a 4 month mission in a company, students will learn how to develop groundbreaking bio-inspired / bio-based innovative solutions in the fields of science, technology, engineering, design, arts, architecture and society.

In a nutshell, MS Nature Inspired Design students will be involved in designing innovative bio-inspired / bio-based solutions in order to face contemporary issues ; reinventing their own professional practice by using Nature as an inspiration, material or process. Highly motivated, openminded and fascinated by Nature professionals from all around the world, this course is meant for you.


Educational leaders

Guillian Graves

He is an industrial designer and a biodesigner. He heads the Big Bang Project, a Parisian studio at the cutting edge of socially-responsible design, science, and technology. Working closely with an interdisciplinary community of researchers and engineers, BBP specializes in the design of the products and services of tomorrow, research and teaching.

Graves also gives talks and leads workshops for industrial and academic audiences. In addition, he teaches at the ENSCI-Les Ateliers, where he directs the Design and Biology research program, he is board member of the biohacker space La Paillasse and is design instructor of the Institut Pasteur’s iGEM team. Additional information can be found at


Simon d'Hénin

Designer and instructor at ENSCI-Les Ateliers, Simon d'Henin directs the design atelier "Fabflex," and teaches new technologies courses in the Continuing Education program "CTC."
An expert in materials and processes, Simon d'Henin also leads interdisciplinary projects at the Michel Serre Center for innovation.
In addition to conducting design research, Simon d'Henin's design firm, Metis , proposes strategic design consulting.

Learning objectives

Demonstrate advanced nature inspired design knowledge and skills in :

  • Biomimicry and bio-inspiration
  • Design project management
  • Design tools
  • Ecodesign practices
  • Emerging technologies
  • Green technologies
  • Circular economy
  • Innovation and jugaad
  • Sustainability
  • Ethics and law